iTunes Music Store and Privoxy


Just turn off the demoronizer globally; it'll be less painful even with other sites that way.

Apple's iTunes Music Store would not stream previews if one were using Privoxy. This problem was fixed with the release of iTunes 4.0.1. Sort of.

It turns out that the "demoronizer" filter kills the iTunes previews. According to Privoxy's filter file, it "Correct Microsoft's abuse of standardized character sets, which leave the browser to (mis)-interpret unknown characters, with sometimes bizarre results on non-MS platforms."

To fix this problem, add the "-filter {demoronizer}" action for URL pattern ""

As a side note, all other streaming audio in iTunes (sharing, net radio) have always worked through Privoxy without having to change any filtering rules.


  • iTunes 4.0.1
  • Privoxy 3.0.2