I don't really update this site. When I was younger I would spend hours writing stuff up, but not so much anymore. Everything gets posted over at ninjamonkey.us these days. But you can still tour an abandoned missile silo, learn the funky chicken, and do fun things with a microwave.

For the serious visitor, there's a nifty graphic for understanding 802.11b/g "channels", a quick tutorial on Cisco IOS IP Masquerade (NAT Overload), and the Ethernet wiring guide. I also tracked HDTV in its early deployment days on my HDTV in Reno, Nevada (Reno DMA) site.

If you have a thing for old Mac hardware (including clones) then MacOS X on Unsupported (Legacy) Macs may interest you. There's also the PowerBook 500 Series Battery EMM Fix, although my 540c batteries are long dead. Sometimes old plus new can be frustrating and you find out that Ethernet plus iMac plus MacOS X equals broken. For old hardware, the The Mac Driver Museum may be useful. I have a 540c and in my youthful days I liked to try and extend its life by running Unsupported System Software on the PowerBook 500 Series.

In The Beginning

I learned HTML in the stone age when the NCSA "A Beginner's Guide to HTML" was state of the art. It used to be located at http://archive.ncsa.uiuc.edu/General/Internet/WWW/HTMLPrimer.html but it seems they've pulled it. I'm sure you can find a copy somewhere if you wanted to, but it's obviously outdated compared to today's internet.

In Memory of Glendale (1991 - June 12, 2003)